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Al-Mortaqa Foundation’s programs for the development of staff working in the field of education are based on standards practiced in international advanced and tertiary educational institutions. The programs are designed to integrate education, community development and management competencies utilizing existing talents and multiple intelligences. The educational programs are intended to enable staff, at all levels of education institutions, to develop their goals and results-based management performance. The programs will enhance expertise in classroom supervision and facilitated scholarship whilst improving the learning environment and recognizing the rights of student in order to create a friendly and safe school environment.



Diyala- July 19, 2016

ALMORTAQA's field survey team began conducting field surveys campaign about the needs of number of schools in the province of Diyala .





















The surveys focused on schools with displaced students.






















The purpose behind conducting this activity is that ALMORTAQA aims to update data for the needs of schools in the province, especially at this time which marks the summer school holidays.































It is worth mentioning that ALMORTAQA already implemented a number of projects, especially in the field of education sector support in Diyala province over the past ten years.

Baghdad- July 19, 2016

ALMORTAQA's legal clinic team completed the legal and administrative procedures related to the transfer of the 315 displaced students from camp Jamal al-Janabi to their home schools in Anbar.unhcr1almortaqa1legel12


This activity is part of the project (legal clinics and education services), which is implemented by ALMORTAQA for Development .The project is funded by UNHCR.

Sulaimaniya- May 10, 2016

On Tuesday morning, Barkhuddan secondary school in camp Barika for Syrian refugees , Arbed sub-district , has been officially opened.




















The opening ceremony has been attended by delegations from UNESCO , Sulaimaniya Education Directorate as well as Almortaqa.

Almortaqa's representative delivered a speech on the occasion urged the students to make the effort to pass this school year successfully and to make up the school years they missed due to the circumstances they went through.

The students and parents in the camp expressed their overwhelming joy of this event and showed their gratitude to those who contributed to the opening of the school.

It is worth mentioning that Barkhuddan secondary school began functioning four months ago and has admitted dozens of high school students of Syrian refugees in the camp.




















The opening comes within the activities of the project (expanding secondary schooling for Syrian refugees), which has been implemented by Almortaqa in partnership with UNESCO with the support of the Japanese government.


Erbil February 21, 2016

moe.krg.unesco.almortaqaAlmortaqa’s team participated in the 3rd meeting of educational Steering Committee,


Erbil February 3, 2016Qoshtapah.Almortaqa.UNESCO

On February 3, 2016, The Kurdistan region education ministry officially inaugurated (Qamishlo) secondary school in camp Qoshtapah